Translating Culture-Specific Words

Translators are usually seen as mediators between two languages and their work as rewriting texts in another language. However, they are actually much more than that: translators are mediators between two groups of people, two mindsets, and two cultures. The cultures of groups of people speaking different languages, such as English and Serbian, can be…

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Gone with the Translation

Translating movies is surely one of the most interesting types of translation. However, it can under no circumstances be considered a simple process which can be carried out with ease. The translator is very much responsible for the success and popularity of the movie amongst the target audience, and this audience must primarily be drawn…

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Quality Assurance as a Key Step in the Translation Process

Translation is, or at least should be, a regulated and standardized process that results in a product, i.e. translation, of the highest quality. Although the quality of the target text depends on a number of different factors such as, for example, the quality of the source text, the deadline, the price, how focused the translator…

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Translation Memory Systems

As the name suggests, the Translation Memory system is a type of database that is used in computer programs designed to help translators. Translation memories are typically used in conjunction with computer-assisted translation (CAT tools), programs for data processing, terminology management systems, and multilingual dictionaries. Translation memory consists of segments of text in the source…

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Machine Translation

The development of information technologies has, among other things, automated the field of translation. The arrival of machine translation is, therefore, a logical consequence of the overall automation that has affected all spheres of life and all activities. However, despite the initial optimism and enthusiasm reflected in the expectation that the further development of machine…

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