Emotionality of Websites

Companies mostly strive to translate their homepage into several languages.  Users take the provision of multilingual websites for granted, as we live in a globalized society. The question is why would companies invest their time, energy and money into translating website contents into several languages instead of publishing it in the one language spoken all…

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Translating neologisms

Neologisms, i.e. new words, or new meanings of existing words of a language, pose one of the greatest translation challenges. Given the fact that a certain period of time must pass for the newly created words to become integrated in a language and to be accepted by its speakers, the translators will obviously not be…

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The Dangers of Translation

Translating is often seen as an intuitive profession – you know two languages well, so what’s the big deal with simply transferring one into the other? It’s a very big deal. Not only on a linguistic, but on a personal and interpersonal level as well. “You are studying English? But why, you already know the…

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Why Machine Translation is Still Lagging Behind

There is no doubt that the development of machine translation, both written and oral, has reached an impressive level and it is safe to say that this trend shall continue in the future. Despite the growing number of applications and devices enabling us to communicate with people who do not speak our language, it seems…

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Translating Dialects

Unlike standard language, i.e. its regulated and normative variant, non-standard language encompasses a vast spectrum of language variants that include dialects. In the literary-artistic discourse, deviations from language norms are considered literary dialects which enable writers to place their characters and narrators in the desired socio-cultural context. In combination with the sociological, ideological, and cultural…

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