Music in Translation?

Music is abstract. Music is emotional. Music is divine. Music is a lot of things. But is it translatable? Concerts are an incomparable experience. They can touch us deeply. Or make us jump with joy. Overwhelm us with emotions. Or just let us enter a completely different world. The world looks different when you are…

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And who is that?

When talking about translation problems, the first thing that comes to mind is usually technical terminology we are not familiar with in any language, idioms we are unable to make sense of even if we know the meaning of each of the constituents, the complex language of law and economy, etc. When translating literary texts…

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Emotionality of Websites

Companies mostly strive to translate their homepage into several languages.  Users take the provision of multilingual websites for granted, as we live in a globalized society. The question is why would companies invest their time, energy and money into translating website contents into several languages instead of publishing it in the one language spoken all…

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Translating neologisms

Neologisms, i.e. new words, or new meanings of existing words of a language, pose one of the greatest translation challenges. Given the fact that a certain period of time must pass for the newly created words to become integrated in a language and to be accepted by its speakers, the translators will obviously not be…

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The Dangers of Translation

Translating is often seen as an intuitive profession – you know two languages well, so what’s the big deal with simply transferring one into the other? It’s a very big deal. Not only on a linguistic, but on a personal and interpersonal level as well. “You are studying English? But why, you already know the…

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