Translation of legal texts is a specialized discipline. It is a field dependent on culture, and legal translations are not always linguistically transparent.

Legal texts should be translated by translators with experience in this area, since only one mistake in a paragraph of a contract may result in the loss of money or a miscarriage of justice.

Translating methods for legal texts

Translators are often asked to translate word for word. That means that a word in the target language must correspond to a word in the source language. Such a translation can often sound completely incomprehensible in the target language, and such requests are not in accordance with the standards of professional translation. In that case, clients should be familiarized with these standards, and receive an explanation of the features and details of the source and target languages.

The requirements placed upon translating legal texts

When translating legal texts, the translation must be consistent, clear, unambiguous, and accurate. Phrases which have a specific legal significance must always be translated in the same way.

That is why it is best to have legal documents translated by court interpreters. Proverbum cooperates with court interpreters for English, German, Italian, Russian, French, and Slovenian.

Translation of legal texts includes the translation of:

  • Contracts
  • Licenses
  • Corporate documents
  • Other legal documents

If you need a translation of legal texts, please contact us, and rest assured that your documents will be translated with high quality, clarity, and accuracy.


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