The essence of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting is not the translation of words and language phrases, but rather the translation of thoughts and ideas. In order to successfully understand and interpret the speaker’s thoughts and ideas into a foreign language, the interpreter needs to listen carefully to a speaker, which requires high concentration, determination, stamina, and experience.

All our interpreters are very adaptable, flexible, and fast, with a wealth of experience in this field. Despite that, the speaker must bear in mind that the interpreter is taking notes, which is why it is necessary to make breaks and enable the interpreter to convey messages successfully.

The two types of interpreting – consecutive and simultaneous – are available depending on the format of the event, number of speakers and international attendees, as well as other potential factors.

Consecutive interpreting

In the most common form of interpreting, consecutive interpreters use logical pauses in speech to interpret one sentence at a time. The pace of consecutive interpreting guarantees a highly accurate and complete translation, but it takes the speaker twice as much time to give a presentation. This restricts consecutive interpreting mainly to events with a limited number of speakers, including:

  • Business negotiations
  • Roundtables
  • Presentations
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Exhibitions
  • Forums

Simultaneous interpreting

On the other hand, simultaneous interpreting is performed without interrupting the speaker, which saves time and enhances audience perception. This service is normally provided by a pair of interpreters who take turns every 15-30 minutes. A complex and stressful process, simultaneous interpreting requires not only superior interpreting skills, but also a setting which requires specialized equipment.

Simultaneous interpreting is necessary for events such as:

  • Roundtables and seminars
  • Symposia
  • Conferences
  • Presentations
  • High-profile business negotiations
  • Business forums

Proverbum’s interpreting services are provided with a guarantee of confidentiality and high quality.


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